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Tuesday 10th May 2016

Yes Please: The Perfect Black Sandal



But maybe you’re already on-board with the ‘bottle green’ movement and it was in fact the sandals from yesterdays post that caught your eye?

As so sadly often happen with our favourites, this particular style has been discontinued.. (sigh).

BUT all is not lost!

I’ve managed to track down a number of them still available online!

Keen to pick yourself up a pair?

Follow the link below for all the details…

Birkenstock ‘Athens’ size 35, $159.02

Birkenstock ‘Athens’ size 36, $159.02

Birkenstock ‘Athens’ size 37, $159.02

Birkenstock ‘Athens’ size 39, $99

Birkenstock ‘Athens’ size 40, $159.02

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